Cherry Growers Now have a new Option for Managing Leafrollers and Spotted Wing Drosophila – Emamectin Benzoate

Author – Katie Chriest By now, the legend of young George Washington confessing that he’d chopped down a prized cherry tree is widely accepted as myth. Nonetheless, cherries remain a cherished part of our country’s heritage. From u-pick orchards to cherry festivals, these delightful red orbs are beloved symbols of summer. Despite this popularity, life […]

Avocado growers and IR-4 look to lock-down laurel wilt

Florida and California avocado growers support the research conducted by the IR-4 Project to identify controls that can slow down the spread of the devastating laurel wilt disease. Author – David Kuack At this year’s World Avocado Congress, Dr. Timothy Spaan, who is research program director at the California Avocado Commission, reported that consumption of […]

Announcement: Change in European Union Fenamidone Import Tolerances

Hello IR-4 Stakeholders, It has been brought to the attention of the IR-4 Project by Bayer CropScience LP that the active ingredient fenamidone (Reason® 500 SC Fungicide, EPA Reg. No. 264-695) will not be renewed by the European Commission in the European Union (EU). The consequences for this action are as follows: The EU import […]