Herb growers can keep a tight rein on Lepidopteran pests with Emamectin

Author – Katie Chriest From Scarborough Fairgoers to Belfast balladeers, herbs have earned the love of lyricists as well as culinary artists for years. Their good looks and great flavors inspire all sorts of creative expression, and they’ve even enjoyed a resurgence in products promising to promote health. No wonder, then, that they’re so widely […]

Insect Growth Regulator Now Registered for Fig Scale Control

Author – Robin Siktberg While the US isn’t a major producer of figs, ranking eighth in world production, it does produce an average of 47 tons per year. Most figs in the US are grown in Central California, where the climate matches the arid, Mediterranean-like conditions figs need to thrive. Since figs are not a […]

Cherry Growers Now have a new Option for Managing Leafrollers and Spotted Wing Drosophila – Emamectin Benzoate

Author – Katie Chriest By now, the legend of young George Washington confessing that he’d chopped down a prized cherry tree is widely accepted as myth. Nonetheless, cherries remain a cherished part of our country’s heritage. From u-pick orchards to cherry festivals, these delightful red orbs are beloved symbols of summer. Despite this popularity, life […]

Avocado growers and IR-4 look to lock-down laurel wilt

Florida and California avocado growers support the research conducted by the IR-4 Project to identify controls that can slow down the spread of the devastating laurel wilt disease. Author – David Kuack At this year’s World Avocado Congress, Dr. Timothy Spaan, who is research program director at the California Avocado Commission, reported that consumption of […]