Mono and di Potassium Salts of Phosphorus Acid + Hydrogen Peroxide Crop Safety Summary – 2020

Closeup of tea rose flower

Research Summary Abstract

OxiPhos (Mono and di potassium salts of phosphorus acid + hydrogen peroxide) is labeled for managing oomycetes (downy mildew, Phytophthora and Pythium pathogens) and diseases caused by certain bacterial pathogens. While the label does list specific crops, additional screenings were needed to broaden this list. The IR-4 Project completed 23 crop safety trials on 11 environmental horticulture plant species or genera during 2016 to 2019. No injury was observed on azalea and rose; these two crops can be added to the list of crops previously tested for crop safety. For the remaining nine crops, more information is needed either because only 1 or 2 trials were conducted or because consistent results were not achieved across research sites.

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