Submit Requests – Instructions


There are three options to submit research requests into the Food Crop Program. The first is the Project Clearance Request. Fill this form out if you know a specific active ingredient you want tested under Residue Studies (need level of residues for food safety) or Performance Studies (need efficacy or crop safety data to support as a labeled use). The second option is to submit a “Me To” request for Residue Projects others have requested previously (this is actually the first step). The third option is to submit research requests is the Integrated Solutions Request. Use this form if you have a disease, pest, or weed issue where you need options for an integrated management approach incorporating conventional tools and biopesticides.

Instructions for Submitting Food Crop Requests

Are you requesting IR-4 begin a project to study residues on a food crop?

Yes. Has IR-4 has already received this request from someone else?

I don’t know.(Instructions for opening fc database and searching for projects)

Yes. (Instructions for filling out a “Me Too” request)

No. (Instructions for filling out a Project Clearance Request)

No, I am interested in an Integrated Solutions project. (Instructions & Link for this project request)