Pest Management Solutions for Specialty Crops and Specialty Uses

About the IR-4 Project

The IR-4 Project was established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1963 to assist with the identification and registration of safe and effective pest management solutions for specialty crops, including many of the fruits and vegetables recommended for a healthy diet, as well as the flowers, trees and shrubs that enhance our environment. We also support the registration of minor or specialty uses on major crops, such as corn, soybeans and cotton.

The crop protection industry focuses their efforts on major crops, which leaves specialty crop growers with fewer tools for effectively managing pests. That’s where we come in.

As a trusted partner with the specialty crop industry, the IR-4 Project is helping to increase the availability of fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants and other crops while reducing waste caused by pest damage.

IR-4 is also playing a key role in the international harmonization of pest management standards, expanding markets for American-grown products on a global scale.

Our Programs

Our work is centered around the following three core programs:

Food Crops
Environmental Horticulture
Biopesticide Support


Our research is locally based to help growers with their unique pest management needs.


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