About Biopesticide & Organic Support

picture of pheramone trap

The primary objective of the IR-4 Biopesticide and Organic Support Program is to further the development and registration of biopesticides for use in pest management systems for specialty crops or for minor uses on major crops.

Biopesticides include microorganisms, plant extracts, natural products and biotechnology.

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Biopesticide Work Funded Through IR-4

HOOK SWD splattered on a
raspberry leaflet,
used to attract and
kill the invasive insect.

Credit: Cesar Rodriguez-Saona

American chestnut hypovirulent
canker with healed wound
(between the labels ‘110’).

Credit: Dennis Fulbright


Credit: Alan Schreiber

Applying biopesticides to mitigate conventional residue on export of blueberries.
Researchers apply kaolin clay to ward off striped cucumber beetle of organic muskmelon.

Credit: Drs. Brian Nault and Abby Seaman- Cornell University<


Credit: Dr. Andy Newhouse- SUNY, Syracuse

A Scentry trap and lure to monitor adult SWD numbers.

Credit: Oscar Liburd

2018 Organic Farming Research
Conference at Rutgers University

Credit: Krista Coleman

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