Glossary of Acronyms

AAFC Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

AAPCO   American Association of Pest Control Officials

AAPSE    American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators

AChE      Acetylcholinesterase

ACP       African, Caribbean and Pacific States

ACRC      Ag Container Recycling Council

ACS         American Chemical Society

ADI        Allowable Daily Intake

AHETF    Agricultural Handlers Exposure Task Force

AI           Active Ingredient

ALARA As Low As Reasonably Achievable

ANLA      American Nursery and Lanscaping Association

APHIS     Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

APLU       Association of Public Land-grant Universities

APS         The American Phytopathological Society

APSCRO    Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials

APVMA    Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority

APWSS     Asian Pacific Weed Science Society

ARIA         Alternative Risk Integration and Assessment

ARDA       Analytical Raw Data Audit

ARfD    Acute Reference Dose

ARS            Agricultural Research Service

ARTF         Agricultural Reentry Task Force

ASEAN   Association of South-East Asian Nations

ASHS         American Society of Horticulture Science

ASR        Analytical Summary Report

ASRA        Analytical Summary Report Audit

ATSDR      Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

AU             African Union

AWWA      American Water Works Association

BCA                BiocontrolAgent

BEAD              Biological Effects Analysis Division in OPP

BLM                Bureau of Land Management

BMP                Best Management Practice

BMR                Benchmark Response

BPPD               Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division in OPP

C & T               Certification and Training

CA                   Controlled Atmosphere

CAC               Codex Alimentarius Commission

CARAT          Committee to Advise on Reassessment and Transition

CARES           Cumulative and Aggregate Risk Evaluation System

CAST               Council for Agriculture Science and Technology

CBI                  Confidential Business Information

CCPR               Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues

CDC                Centers for Disease Control

CDR                California Department of Pesticide Regulation

CEL                 Comparative effect level

CES                 Cooperative Extension Service

CFR                 Code of Federal Regulations

ChEI                Cholinesterase inhibition

CLC                 Commodity Liasion Committee

COLEACP      Europe-Africa-Caribbean-Pacific Liaison Committee

CNS                 Central nervous system

CPAC              Community of Central Africa Countries

CPDA              Chemical Producers and Distributors Association

CRA                Cumulative Risk Assessment

CRO           Contract Research Organization

CRP                 Conservation Reserve Program

CSPA               Chemical Specialty Products Association

CSRA              Contributing Scientist Report Audit

CSREES         Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service (now National Institute Food                           & Agriculture NIFA)

CTAG              Certification and Training Assessment Group in USEPA

CV/s               Curriculum vitae, plural curricula vita

CWG               Commodity Working Groups

CWPB              Certification and Worker Protection Branch in USEPA

CWS                Community Water Systems

DCI                  Data Call In

DER                 Data evaluation record, a review of a toxicity study

DG SANCO    [EU] Directorate General Health and Consumers

DOD                Department of Defense

DoI                  Department of the Interior

EAC            East African Community

EAPIC      East Africa Phytosanitary Information Committee

ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States

ECPA       European Crop Protection Association

EDF         European Development Fund

EEC           Estimated Environmental Concentration

EFED        Environmental Fate and Effects Division

EGMU     [OECD] Expert Group on Minor Uses

ELISA       Enzyme-linked Immunoabsorbent Assay

EPA              Environmental Protection Agency

EPPO        European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization

eQA/eDocs    IR-4’s Electronic Quality Assurance/DocumentManagement System

EQIP                Environmental Quality Incentives Program

ESA                 Entomological Society of America

EUP                 Experimental Use Permit

EWG [EU] Expert Working Group

EWG Electronic Working Group

FAO                 Food and Agriculture Organization

FAS                 USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

FCPI                Field Critical Phase Inspection

FDA               Food and Drug Administration

FDB                 Field Data Book

FEAD              Field and External Affairs Division

FFDCA             Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act

FI                      Facility Inspection

FIFRA              Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act

FNSEA Fédération Nationale des Syndicats d’Exploitants Agricoles (National Federation of Farmer’s Unions)

FOIA               Freedom of Information Act

FQPA               Food Qualtiy Protection Act (Please note that this act was amended by both FIFRA and                                  FFDCA)

FRA1             Final Report Audit 1

FRA2            Final Report Audit 2

FRD                  Field Research Director

FRDA              Field Raw Data Audit

FSA                  Farm Service Agency

FWS                 (U.S.) Fish and Wildlife Service

GAO                Government Accounting Office

GAP              Good Agricultural Practice

GIPSA             Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration

GIS                  Geographic Information System

GJR            Global Joint Review

GLP                 Good Laboratory Practices

GMO               Genetically Modified Organism

GMUS        Global Minor Use Summit

GOF                 Model goodness-of-fit

GRAS              Generally Regarded as Safe

GRDC        Grains Research and Development Corporation

HAL                Horticulture Australia Limited

HED                Health Effects Division

HR                   High Residue

HRI                 Horticultural Research Institute

ICGCC      International Crop Grouping Consulting Committee

IESTI      International Estimate of Short-term Intake

IPDN       International Plant Diagnostic Network

IPM         Integrated Pest Management

IPPC       International Plant Protection Convention

IR-4        Interregional Research Project No. 4

JMPR -The Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues

LAN                Local Area Network

LCPI               Laboratory Critical Phase Inspection

LOAEL           Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level

LOQ                Limit of Quantitation

MAFF        Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

MCFA        Minor Crops Farmer Alliance

MCL           Maximum Contaminant Level

MOE           Margin of Exposure

MRID#      Master Record Identification Number (from EPA)

MRL           Maximum Residue Levels

MUPP        Minor Use Pesticides Programme

MUPPS     Minor Use Pesticides Programme System [database]

NAFTA           North American Free Trade Area

NAS                 National Academy of Sciences

NAWQA          National Water Quality Assessment Program

NCEA              National Center for Environmental Assessment

NCFAP             National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy

NCSU               North Carolina State University

NEETF             National Environmental Education and Training Foundation

NEHA              National Environmental Health Association

NEIC              National Enforcement Investigations Center

NEPA              National Environmental Policy Act

NERL              National Exposure Research Laboratory

NETAC            National Effluent Toxicity Assessment Center

NFPA               National Food Processors’ Association

NHANES         National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

NHEERL         National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory

NIFA               National Institute of Food and Agriculture

NMFS              National Marine Fisheries Service

NOAEL           No Observed Adverse Effect Level

NOP                National Organic Program

NOSB             National Organic Standards Board

NPDES             National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

NPFD               National Pesticide Field Data

NPMA             National Pest Management Association

NPPO            National Plant Protection Organization

NPSA               National Pesticide Stewardship Alliance

NRC                National Research Council

NRPM             National Research Planning Meeting

NRCS              National Resources Conservation Service

NRDC              National Resources Defense Council

NSF                 National Science Foundation

OAR                Office of Air and Radiation (EPA)

OC                 Office of Compliance (EPA)

OECA              Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (EPA)

OECD              Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (US)

OGC                Office of General Counsel (US)

OMB                Office of Management and Budget (US)

OMRI              Organic Materials Review Institute

OP                   Organophosphorous pesticide

OPEI                Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation (EPA)

OPMP              Office of Pest Management Policy of USDA

OPP                 Office of Pesticide Programs (EPA)

OPP                 Office of Pollution Prevention (EPA)

OPPTS             Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances (EPA)

ORD                Office of Research and Development (EPA)

ORETF             Outdoor Residential Exposure Task Force

OSCP               Office of Science Coordination and Policy (EPA)

PA                 Protocol Audit

PAG             Pesticide Assessment Guidelines

PCR                 Project Clearance Request

PESP                Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program

PGR                 Plant Growth Regulator

PGRSA             Plant Growth Regulator Society of America

PHI                  Pre-harvest Interval

PI                     Principle Investigator

PIMS              Pest Information Management System

PIAP                Pesticide Impact Assessment Program (no longer funded)

PIP                   Plant Incorporated Protectants

PMC                Project Management Committee

PMC               (Canada) Pest Management Centre

PMRA             (Canada’s) Pest Management Regulatory Agency

PMSPs             Pest Management Strategic Plans

PNS                 Peripheral Nervous System

POD                 Point of Departure

PPDC               Pesticide Program Dialog Committee

PPE                 Personal Protective Equipment

PPECB          Perishable Products Export Control Board [South Africa]

PPLS                Pesticide Product Label System

PPP                Plant Protection Product

PR#               Project Request Number. For Food Use: a study # assigned to Project Clearance Requests. For Environmental Horticulture: a study # assigned to the unique combination of crop, target, product, and use site.

PRA                 Preliminary Risk Assessment

PRIA               Pesticide Registration Improvement Act

PRN                 Pesticide Registration Notice

PRSB               Policy and Regulatory Services Branch

PSEP               Pesticide Safety Education Program (formerly PAT)

PSMS             Pesticide Stock Management System

PST                 Priority Setting Tool

QA                   Quality Assurance

QAU                Quality Assurance Unit

QC                   Quality Control

 QuEChERS Quick–Easy–Cheap–Effective–Rugged–Safe

RCRA              Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

RD                   Registration Division

R&D                 Research and Development

REA                  Rapid Environmental Assessment

RED                 Reregistration Eligibility Document

REI                  Re-entry Interval

REO                 Regional Environmental Officer

RfD                 Reference Dose

RPF                  Relative Potency Factor

RS                   Reference Sbstance

RSG                Registration Steering Group

RTE                Ready To Eat

RUPS              Restricted Use Pesticide

SAES               State Agricultural Experiment Stations

SAF                 Society of American Florists

SAP                 Scientific Advisory Panel

SARA              Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act

SARP             Strategic Agrichemical Review Process

SDWA             Safe Drinking Water Act

SD                  Study Director

SOPs                Standard Operating Procedures

SPHVCC          State Public Health Vector Control Conference

SPIREG           State FIFRA Issues Research and Evaluation Group

SPRT              Supervised Pesticide Residue Trial

SRRD              Special Review and Reregistration Division

STDF              The Standards and Trade Development Facility

STMR              Supervised Trial Median Residue

TASC Grant  Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops

TFM             Testing Facility Management

TMDL           Total Maximum Daily Load

TOR              Threshold of Regulation

TRED           Tolerance Registration Eligibility Document

TS                 Test Substance

USDA              United States Department of Agriculture

US EPA        United States Environmental Protection Agency

USGS               United States Geological Survey

WHO            World Health Organization

WPS               Worker Protection Standards

WQS               Water Quality Standard

WSSA             Weed Science Society of America