Headquartered at NC State University with regional offices throughout the country, the IR-4 Project team is made up of highly-skilled professionals in a wide variety of fields who all have a common mission: to facilitate regulatory approval of sustainable pest management technology for specialty crops and specialty uses to promote public wellbeing.

Click the links below to view and apply for current openings with the IR-4 Project.

Headquarters Positions (Location: NC State University)

Chemist and Study Director

The IR-4 Project is hiring a chemist and study director. This role will be responsible for providing technical direction of magnitude of residue studies, coordinating ongoing residue trials, and developing data packages, as well as evaluating and maintaining analytical data and providing analytical support to other IR-4 staff. Ideal candidates will have a master’s degree or Ph.D. in chemistry and at least three years of experience in pest management research, or a bachelor’s degree and at least 10 years of experience. View the job posting to learn more and apply.

Environmental Horticulture Program Assistant Manager

The IR-4 Project is hiring an assistant manager to work with the Environmental Horticulture (EHC) Program. This role will be responsible for coordinating environmental horticulture research activities, as well as assisting with the biennial priority setting process to establish research projects. This position will also conduct outreach to promote the EHC program. Ideal candidates will have experience working with environmental horticulture/ornamental crops, and will have excellent database management skills. Candidates should have either a master’s degree in the plant protection sciences, horticulture, or a related area with three years of experience in applied pest management research/product development; or have a bachelor’s degree and at least 10 years of experience in this field. View the job posting to learn more and apply.

Other Positions (regional and local IR-4 openings, as well as positions with affiliate organizations)

Program Coordinator – Minor Use Foundation (Location: Remote)

The Minor Use Foundation is seeking a program coordinator to manage the foundation’s three programs in residue work, training, and education. The program coordinator will support the development and execution of capacity building efforts with key foundation partners. Candidates experienced in international development programming related to agriculture are encouraged to apply. Visit the Minor Use Foundation website to learn more and apply.