Crop Vignette: Birch

Plant Information Birch trees are deciduous hardwoods that make up the genus Betula, in the Betulaceae family. The genus ranges from 30 to 60 species that are widespread in the northern hemisphere. They are pioneer species, meaning they are the first to colonize open areas, and so they grow quickly and tend to be short-lived. [...]

Crop Vignette: Dogwood

Plant Information Cornus florida, also known as flowering dogwood, is a native North American species of deciduous tree in the Cornaceae family. It is popular across its range, from southeastern Canada to northern Mexico, due to its beautiful petal-like bracts and its interesting bark. The hard wood likely inspired its genus name, which comes from [...]

Crop Vignette: Eastern Redbud

Plant Information The eastern redbud or American redbud,also known as Cercis canadensis, is a deciduous woody perennial in the Fabaceae family that is native to eastern North America. The genus name comes from the Greek kerkis meaning weaver’s shuttle, which refers to the shape of the seed pod. The Eastern redbud can be identified by [...]

Crop Vignette: Coneflower

Plant Information Echinacea is a genus of about 10 perennial species, commonly known as coneflowers, in the Asteraceae family. They are native to eastern and central North America where they naturally grow in open woodlands and prairies. The genus name comes from the Greek ekhinos, meaning hedgehog, likely referring to the spiny central disk of [...]

Crop Vignette: Bleeding Heart

Plant Information Bleeding Heart (Dicentra sp.) is a genus in the Papaveraceae family with over 20 species native to North America and eastern Asia. The name Dicentra comes from the Greek words dis and kéntron meaning “twice” and “spur”, referring to the two spurred outer petals that give the flowers their distinctive shape. This distinctive [...]

Crop Vignette: Poinsettia

Plant Information A sea of red/pink leave Ice Crush poinsettia plants at Poinsettia Field Day at Raulston Arboretum. Native to Central America, poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) has become one of the most beloved holiday plants in the United States. With dramatic red bracts and crisp dark green leaves, poinsettia cheers us as the days grow ever [...]