Grower Resources-Food Program

Facilitating the regulatory approval of crop protection tools on food crops continues to be the central objective of the IR-4 Project.

Research Activities

Since 1963, IR-4 stakeholders have submitted thousands of requests for assistance.

How do I Request Assistance?

What Happens Next?

  • Attend the Food Use Workshop to make others aware of your need and garner support.
  • Trial samples are then sent to Analytical Laboratories at SAES or USDA-ARS Facilities and if necessary contract labs are assigned samples
  • The labs determine the amounts of chemical remaining in or on the crop
  • IR-4 QAU and EPA inspections and audits are conducted throughout the study
  • This data is then compiled into a regulatory package and submitted to the EPA requesting establishment of new tolerances (Maximum Residue Limits or MRLs).

Behind the Scenes

  • IR-4 personnel hold many meetings with registrants to determine their level of support of an IR-4 submission.
  • IR-4 personnel meet with the EPA to determine the “red, yellow, green” chance for a tolerance to be granted on the particular chemical/s