Integrated Solutions

picture of tomatoes



  • Established in 2018 to better service the needs of the IR-4 stakeholders
  • Draws from Biopesticide & Organic Support pest management requests and Conventional products, Pest Problems Without Solutions work
  • Utilizes biopesticides and conventional pesticides to create pest control programs to address pest control voids


  1. Screen conventional products and biopesticides
  2. Manage pest resistance
  3. Reduce pesticide residue levels to enhance trade
  4. Address needs for organic production

Annual Events

  • Throughout the year – receive requests 
  • August
    • Online nomination process
  • September
    • Integrated Solutions Workshop to discuss top ~20 needs
  • October-December
    • Teleconferences with RFC’s and researchers to refine list (~6 needs)
    • Communications with registrants for more information on potential products
    • Draft Protocol created
  • January-August
    • Final protocol signed and products ordered from registrants
    • Trials occurring
    • Final reports posted
    • Nomination process online