Flumioxazin Crop Safety – 2024

Flumioxazin has been registered in the United States since 2003 for uses in and around environmental horticulture plants in production nurseries and in landscapes. Between 2000 and 2023, the IR-4 Project has conducted 641 trials using three granular

Phytophthora Efficacy – 2024

Root rots caused by Phytophthora species are often not noticed until foliar symptoms of wilting and stunting are observed. Phytophthora root rots are difficult to manage there are multiple species with differential sensitivities to fungicides.

Rhizoctonia Efficacy – 2023

From 1999 to 2023, 44 products or active ingredients were evaluated for Rhizoctonia solani management in greenhouse experiments as soil drench, soil incorporation, foliar or soak application, and in field experiments as soil drenches.