Nematode Efficacy – 2024

Research Summary Abstract

Nematodes are typically known for the damage they cause when feeding on or residing inside roots. However, they also can impact foliage. The host range of foliar and soil dwelling nematodes is wide affecting various environmental horticulture crops, and causing economic losses in greenhouses, nurseries, and residential and commercial landscapes. Soil dwelling nematodes feed on roots and depending on species can reduce root mass or cause root enlargement such as root knot nematodes. Foliar nematodes feed on mesophyll cells causing chlorosis which eventually turns into necrosis which is a serious problem. This summary and literature review is a compilation of experiments sponsored by IR-4 and published literature from 1999 through 2023. The only prospective nematicides for soil-dwelling nematodes with good to excellent efficacy in more than one IR-4 trial is Indemnify, but several show promise including Bountify, NemaFix, NMG-787, Reklemel, and Rootshield Plus. Products with good efficacy for foliar nematodes include: abamectin, acephate, clothianidin, dimethoate, insecticidal soap, isofenphos, methiocarb, neem oil, oregano oil, oxamyl and lambda-cyhalothrin. Active ingredients with excellent efficacy included: ammonia hydroxide, Burkholderia cepacia, chlofenapyr, cinnamon + clove + thyme oils (32% + 8% + 15%), diazinon, ethoprophos, grapefruit seed extract, imidacloprid, peroxyacetic acid, potassium permanganate, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, sodium hypochlorite, and trichlofon.

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