Food Use & IS Workshop Results 2020

Dear Friends, We are pleased to share with you the results of the 2020 IR-4 Priority Setting Workshop. The workshop was held in a virtual format from Monday, September 14 to Thursday, September 17. During the four-day workshop, the 200 plus participants established IR-4’s research priorities for residue studies (40), product performance research (9) and […]

Announcing 2020 Staff Updates

Dear Friends, It has been several months since we last shared an update of the transition of IR-4 Headquarters from Rutgers to NC State. Activities and actions continue to happen. To start, there have been several retirements in the Rutgers office including three Management Team Members. Tammy (White) Barkalow– Since January 1993, IR-4’s national Quality […]

Food Use & IS Project Nominations 2020

Dear Friends, The on-line project nomination process to assist IR-4 and its specialty crop stakeholders prioritize the 2021 IR-4 research plan under the Food Use Program (residue studies and product performance research) and Integrated Solutions (residue mitigation, organic, PPWS or resistance research) is available Aug 21 thru Sept 3, 2020. Only projects given at least […]

Looking for fast-acting spider mite control on blueberries?

Registration of acequinocyl gives blueberry growers a fast-acting miticide with a different mode of action making it a good rotation tool for resistance management Author – David Kuack The United States is the world’s largest commercial producer of blueberries. Blueberries are commercially produced in 38 states with 10 states accounting for more than 98 percent […]

IR-4 Wishes Tammy Barkalow a Fond Farewell

Dear Friends, After over 27 years, Tammy (White) Barkalow is retiring as QA Manager for The IR-4 Project! Friday, July 31, 2020 will be the last “work” day for Tammy. Over the next month, she will be utilizing accumulated leave time and formally retiring on September 1. Tammy was hired as the IR-4 Project’s first [...]

Papaya Growers Use Biologicals and Insecticides to Control Papaya Mealybug

The registration of the insecticide acetamiprid through IR-4 Project adds an important integrated management tool for control of papaya mealybug. Author – David Kuack Even though the United States imports most of its fresh papaya from Mexico, the tropical fruit is grown domestically in Hawaii, Florida, Texas, California and Puerto Rico. Hawaii is the largest […]