More options for hops growers thanks to flutianil

Author – Katie Chriest It’s a great time to be alive. That is, if your criteria is beer. Never before have so many devoted their talents to brewing wildly unique flavors of beer. And whether you’re an IPA-loving hop head, a sipper of less-bitter stouts—or simply a classic pilsner or lager lover, hops are an […]

Herbicide label expansion could provide cucumber and squash growers extended weed control

Researchers are conducting trials through IR-4 Project to determine the weed control effectiveness of clomazone as a post-transplant application. Author – David Kuack Clomazone has become an important weed control tool for specialty crop growers. This pre-emergent herbicide provides effective control of many annual grasses and common broadleaf weeds. Through the IR-4 Project, researchers are […]

Cilantro and dill growers gain an additional weed control tool

Cilantro and dill growers and researchers work together to expand registration of clomazone through IR-4 Project. Author – David Kuack Growing multiple vegetable crops can be a blessing and a curse. Ratto Bros. Inc. in Modesto, Calif., produces 38 different crops, primarily leafy greens and herbs. “We grow a broad spectrum of crops,” said Brandon […]

Expanding options to protect Asparagus

Author – Katie Chriest Few veggies herald the advent of summer like asparagus spears emerging from underground. Asparagus appreciation dates back millennia, and Millennial bloggers continue to drive its demand today. This is a perennial plant with perennial popularity. “There’s no other crop quite like asparagus,” summarizes Brenna Aegerter, Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor at the […]

Growers have more options when trying to manage basil downy mildew

Resistant varieties and additional fungicides can assist growers in protecting their basil crops from downy mildew infection. Author – David Kuack Whether basil is grown in controlled environment structures or outdoors, downy mildew can be a destructive disease of this crop. “For organic basil crops, downy mildew can be quite devastating and usually results in […]