Think Prevention to Control Spider Mites on Peanuts

With a limited number of miticides registered for use on peanuts, the best method to control spider mites is to minimize infestations. By David Kuack In these uncertain times, people look to comfort foods for something that tastes good and makes them feel good. One of these foods is peanut butter, which the HuffPost listed […]

Looking for fast-acting spider mite control on blueberries?

Registration of acequinocyl gives blueberry growers a fast-acting miticide with a different mode of action making it a good rotation tool for resistance management Author – David Kuack The United States is the world’s largest commercial producer of blueberries. Blueberries are commercially produced in 38 states with 10 states accounting for more than 98 percent […]

Papaya Growers Use Biologicals and Insecticides to Control Papaya Mealybug

The registration of the insecticide acetamiprid through IR-4 Project adds an important integrated management tool for control of papaya mealybug. Author – David Kuack Even though the United States imports most of its fresh papaya from Mexico, the tropical fruit is grown domestically in Hawaii, Florida, Texas, California and Puerto Rico. Hawaii is the largest […]

Growers and Researchers Collaborate to Control Coffee Berry Borer

Coffee growers work with IR-4 Project researchers and university cooperative extension agents to develop effective integrated control programs to limit damage from coffee berry borer. Author – David Kuack Only the European Union imports more coffee beans than the United States. About 90 percent of the coffee consumed in the United States is imported. According […]

Approval of Supplemental Label for Cyantraniliprole Offers New Solution for Caneberry Growers

Author – Robin Skitberg Caneberry growers have a new tool for controlling root weevils with the supplemental label approval of cyantraniliprole, sold as Exirel® by FMC.  There are several species that affect blackberries, raspberries and other caneberries, belonging to the genus Otiorhynchus or Sciopithes. All are a major headache for caneberry growers. The larvae of […]

More Options for Hops Growers Thanks to Flutianil

Author – Katie Chriest It’s a great time to be alive. That is, if your criteria is beer. Never before have so many devoted their talents to brewing wildly unique flavors of beer. And whether you’re an IPA-loving hop head, a sipper of less-bitter stouts—or simply a classic pilsner or lager lover, hops are an […]

Herbicide label expansion could provide cucumber and squash growers extended weed control

Researchers are conducting trials through IR-4 Project to determine the weed control effectiveness of clomazone as a post-transplant application. Author – David Kuack Clomazone has become an important weed control tool for specialty crop growers. This pre-emergent herbicide provides effective control of many annual grasses and common broadleaf weeds. Through the IR-4 Project, researchers are […]