Announcement: Gowan Aquires Fenamidone from Bayer

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We have been informed by Bayer CropScience that as of December 1, 2019, Gowan has acquired their fenamidone business (the AI in Reason® 500 SC fungicide). The companies are collaborating to enable a smooth transition of the business.

Gowan will continue to make Reason® 500 SC fungicide available to U.S. specialty crop growers as a valuable tool for management of oomycete diseases. Also, Gowan will manage future communications about MRLs in the EU, which will remain valid until further notice.

IR-4 has worked closely with Bayer CropScience over the years to achieve the following registered uses on the Reason® 500 SC fungicide label:

· PR 10120 Basil (downy mildew; field and greenhouse use)

· PR 08895 Snap bean (Pythium pod decay)

· PR 09530 Lima bean (Cottony Leak)

· PR 08524 Carrot (Pythium damping off and forking)

· PR 09800 Ginseng (Phytophthora foliar blight and crown root rot)

· PR 07999 Sunflower (downy mildew)

IR-4 will continue to work with Gowan to meet any future needs for this AI, as requested by our specialty crop stakeholders.


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