New Product Registration: Pyrifluquinazon Insecticide

Introduction: Unconditional registration of the first food crop uses for the active ingredient (AI) pyrifluquinazon was granted by the EPA on November 19, 2018. The AI was first registered in January 2013 for non-food uses on ornamental horticulture plants grown in greenhouses (GH). These new food crop registrations provide growers with a pest management tool for use against various sucking (sap-feeding) insects such as whiteflies, thrips, aphids, mealybugs and leafhoppers. This AI has demonstrated selectivity to beneficial insects and has a favorable environmental profile, making it an excellent fit in IPM programs. The Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) has classified it as a Group 9B insecticide.

Other global registrations: Japan (for outdoor uses on over 20 food crops) and Korea; submission planned for Canada Feb. 2019 for GH uses on cucumbers, lettuce, eggplant, pepper, tomato and ornamental plants, as well as for import tolerances for US approved outdoor food crop uses US trade names/formulations: PQZ™ Insecticide; Pyrifluquinazon 20% SC Insecticide; Pyrifluquinazon 20SC Insecticide; Rycar® Insecticide for environmental horticulture uses.

US labeled food crops (see labels for specific use patterns and other general directions for use): Brassica head and stem vegetables (crop group 5-16), Citrus fruits (crop group 10-10), Cotton, Cucurbit vegetables (crop group 9), GH cucumbers, Fruiting vegetables (crop group 8-10), GH peppers and tomatoes, Leaf petiole vegetables (crop subgroup 22B), Leafy vegetables (crop group 4-16), GH lettuce, Pome fruits (crop group 11-10), Small fruit vine climbing subgroup (crop subgroup 13-07F), Stone fruits (crop group 12-12), Tree nuts (crop group 14-12), Tuberous and corm vegetables (crop subgroup 1C)

IR-4 food use project requests (PR#): cantaloupe (10431), cucumber (10428), GH cucumber (10793), GH lettuce, head and leaf (11202), bell and non-bell pepper (10430), GH bell pepper (10555), squash (10429), field and GH tomato (10126), squash (10429), watermelon (10432) – all these uses are registered, with IR-4 data generated/submitted for GH pepper and tomato; dry bulb onion (09658) – MFG does not support

Registrant: Nichino America, Inc.