2022 IR-4 Project Research Symposium: Food Crops

The inaugural IR-4 Project Research Symposium took place on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. Recorded presentations on entomology, plant pathology, and weed science IS and product performance projects are now available to be viewed.

2022 Industry Technology Session

The 2022 Industry Technology Session will take place Thursday, July 21. Updates on new technologies and products already being used in IR-4 research will be provided during this virtual event.

2022 Food Use Workshop

The 2022 Food Use Workshop will take place September 13 – 15 in Bloomington, MN. Priorities for residue, product performance, and integrated solutions research for 2023 will be identified during this hybrid virtual and in-person workshop.

Tolerance Success: Ethaboxam

Federal Register Date: January 26, 2022 Active Ingredient: Ethaboxam Trade Name: Elumin Fungicide Crops/Crop Groups:Brassica, leafy greens, subgroup 4-16B Vegetable, Brassica, head and stem, group 5-16 Food Crop PR#s: 11877, 10680, 11870 Disclaimer: The trade names listed here are provided as a means to identify the chemical for which a tolerance has been established. A […]