Extension Resources

Extension educators, this page is for you. In addition to resources throughout the rest of the site, this page contains information and links designed to assist you in developing outreach presentations and literature about IR-4 and the data generated by the Environmental Horticulture Program. In addition to the introduction to IR-4 in three slides, there are management plans for specific insects and weeds developed in conjunction with the research community and Project Information Sheets summarizing the status of each project and related efficacy or crop safety research for products currently on the market or in development.

Project Information Sheets

Program Presentations


Please include the IR-4 logo in any presentation where IR-4 sponsored research is included. Download IR-4 Logo.

When including IR-4 sponsored research in manuscripts or other printed/online media, please include the IR-4 Logo and the following statement:

This research was supported in part by grant funding through the NIFA Minor Crop Pest Management Program Interregional Research Project #4 (IR-4)

Thank you!