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Indoor production of young bedding plants and hanging baskets in large greenhouse operation

To facilitate regulatory approval of sustainable pest management technology for environmental horticulture crops to promote public health and wellbeing.

The IR-4 Environmental Horticulture Program enables a diverse selection of healthy plants for bouquets, houseplants, landscapes and urban forests through helping new biological and chemical tools become EPA registered with supporting efficacy and crop safety data.

IR-4 coordinates national and regional research projects to develop efficacy and crop safety data so that new biological and chemical active ingredients can be registered and current products expanded for new uses.

  • Identify grower needs through surveys and project requests
  • Prioritize projects at biennial workshop
  • Conduct research with key entomologists, horticulturists, plant pathologists and weed scientists throughout the US
  • Communicate results by compiling trial data and posting summaries
  • Track impacts of these research activities
  • Network with growers, researchers, registrants and regulatory officials

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