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Welcome to the new IR-4 website! While we were redesigning and rebuilding our website, we tried to improve flow and guide users to certain resources of interest, but this meant some content is now in different places. Below is a guide for where original content now resides on our site. Please click on the content name and this will redirect you to the new page

Annual Grower and Extension Survey
Pollinator Workshop Summary and Presentations
Project Information Sheets
Project Requests
Research Reporting Instructions
Research Selection Portal (Authorized Users)
Research Summaries

In addition, we have added more content about the program and Environmental Horticulture including:

Environmental Horticulture Program History
History of Environmental (aka Ornamental) Horticulture in the US
Invasive Species Projects
Crop Vignettes
Pillar Profiles (coming soon)
Guidance for Interpreting Data Tables

IR-4 uses many acronyms throughout the site and in documents. If you need to look up an acronym, please use this Glossary of Acronyms.