Researcher Resources

This page contains information and links for researchers interested in participating in IR-4 research projects. The Research Selection Portal is where researchers can enter potential crop safety trials and efficacy research projects. The Protocol Search pulls current and historical protocols. We’ve added a list of Equipment Suppliers who provide smaller versions of commercial application equipment for research purposes. The section on Research Reports provides a report template, instructions, and examples of completed reports. We’ve also included guidance on how to Acknowledge funding through the IR-4 Project and provided a download of our logo that can be included in presentations.

Research Selection Portal



To find crop safety protocols and efficacy protocols, select the year of the protocol and/or the discipline in the drop down boxes below. To see all posted protocols since 2008, click on Select All. The protocols will be organized by discipline and are sorted alpha-numerically by the protocol title.

Equipment for Greenhouse and Outdoor Small Plot Experiments

Using application equipment consistent with grower tools will yield results more similar to those growers will experience, but often grower equipment is too large for greenhouse and/or outdoor small plot research. Below are links to sources for smaller equipment suitable to this type of research.

Bellspray, Inc. R&D Sprayers
DRAMM Back Pack Sprayer


Please include the IR-4 logo in any presentation where IR-4 sponsored research is included. Download IR-4 Logo.

When including IR-4 sponsored research in manuscripts or other printed/online media, please include the IR-4 Logo and the following statement:

This research was supported in part by grant funding through the NIFA Minor Crop Pest Management Program Interregional Research Project #4 (IR-4)

Thank you!