Anna Gore Appointed Executive Director of Minor Use Foundation

Raleigh, NC – February 6, 2024 — The Minor Use Foundation Board of Directors announced today that Anna Gore will step into a new leadership position as Executive Director to foster growth of the organization. In this position, Gore will lead the Foundation’s work to achieve its vision of a world where fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices are plentiful and affordable for everyone. 

“Anna has served as Director of Operations since May 2022 and has demonstrated the ability to lead, listen, understand and represent the Foundation,” said President and Board Chairman, Dr. Dirk Drost. “The Board of Directors is confident that Anna will guide the organization into the future and fulfill its mission to gain and maintain CODEX MRLs, support capacity building, build partnerships, and facilitate global priority setting for pest management in specialty crops and minor uses.”

“I am passionate about leveraging agricultural technologies to improve food security throughout the world and feel privileged to support and guide the Foundation,” said Gore. “Since joining the Foundation, we have expanded relationships with new partners and are growing in exciting ways. We’ve become a more productive team and I am thrilled to be leading the Foundation as it continues to evolve.”

The announcement comes as the Minor Use Foundation kicks off the fourth Global Minor Use Summit (GMUS-4) held February 5 – 9, 2024, in Madrid, Spain. 

The purpose of the Summit is to address issues and challenges existing in crop protection for specialty crops and minor uses of pesticides globally, facilitate the trade of agricultural commodities regionally and internationally, improve crop protection and food safety, and share experiences in specialty crop and minor use model programs. Summit attendees are stakeholders from all world regions, including governmental regulatory officials, agriculture organizations, commodity groups, agricultural consulting and agrichemical companies, researchers, and more.

Connect with the Foundation on LinkedIn for updates as the Summit progresses. 

About the Minor Use Foundation, Inc.

The Minor Use Foundation, a non-profit private foundation, was founded in 2018 to promote minor uses and specialty crop pest management solutions for growers globally. The Foundation hosts the Global Minor Use Priority setting meetings, funds research to identify and develop pest control solutions and provides training and capacity building globally. Together with its partners and cooperators the Foundation identifies and implements work to expand uses, harmonize MRLs, and support grower needs.  For more information, visit

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Shannon McNamara