Mollusc Efficacy – 2024

Research Summary Abstract

Molluscs (slugs and snails) can cause significant feeding damage of environmental horticulture plants in production. Baits containg metaldehyde or iron phosphate are the primary means to manage molluscs. This project was initiated to examine the potential for active ingredients with less risky environmental and mammalian toxicity profiles to be effective molluscicides. To study options for managing snails, eleven (11) products with eight (8) different active ingredients were screened against the brown garden snail (Cyptomphalus apersus). Of these, two baits with metaldehyde (Deadline T&O and Metarex) provided generally good management of the brown garden snail, although not strictly by causing mortality; in experiments where mortality was limited, plant damage was reduced to commercially acceptable levels. TC Powder provided variable efficacy, but further studies are warranted to determine how efficacy could be improved. SpinOut also provided inconsistent efficacy, but later studies demonstrated better plant protection than earlier experiments.

Link to Summary: Mollusc Efficacy Summary