Flumioxazin Crop Safety – 2007 Canada

Frasier fir trees at Clawson’s Choose and Cut outside Boone.
Research Summary Abstract

Flumioxazin has been registered in the United States since 2003 for uses in and around ornamental plants in production nurseries and in landscapes. Between 2001 and 2006, the IR-4 Project has conducted over 400 trials using two granular formulations (BroadStar 0.17G, BroadStar 0.25G) and a wettable dry granular formulation (SureGuard 51.1WDG). This is the first summary across all the available data generated through IR-4. Thirteen plant species or genera exhibited no or minimal, transitory phytotoxicity to over the top applications of SureGuard 51.1WDG formulations. Of these, 10 species or genera are not currently on this label. Three species exhibited no phytotoxicity with over the top SureGuard 51/1WDG applications at 0.25 to 0.375 lb ai per acre, but at higher rates there was some damage. Twenty-five species demonstrated significant phytotoxicity at all tested rates of SureGuard 51.1WDG. Several crops and cultivars are not currently listed as sensitive crops; it is recommended that these be added to this list on the SureGuard 51.1WDG label. Thirty-four plant species or genera exhibited no or minimal transitory phytotoxicity to applications of BroadStar G formulations. Of these, 12 are not currently listed on the label. It is recommended that these be placed on the labels. Eleven crops exhibited significant damage after over the top applications of BroadStar G.

Link to Summary: Flumioxazin Data Summary