Pelargonic Acid Crop Safety – 2014

Research Summary Abstract

From 2010 to 2013, IR-4 completed 14 trials on Scythe (Pelargonic acid). The data contained in this report was generated to register uses of active ingredient on and around ornamental horticulture plants with broadcast applications, including over the top of established plants. The Scythe rates in this testing program were at 3 and 6 % v/v as the 1X and 2X rates. It had been applied to 12 plant genera or species. Results showed Scythe causing no injury when applied to these crops in the dormant stage of growth. Of these genera and species, none exhibited no or minimal transient injury after the second application at both rates. Four (4) crops showed significant injury after the second application. Of the eight (8) crops that still need additional information, there are two (2) genera or species in which one or two trials do not show significant injury at 1X and 2X rates, and one (1) genera/species showing variable response at the 1X rate.

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