Pendimethalin + Dimethenamid-p Crop Safety – 2019

Research Summary Abstract

From 2007 to 2018, IR-4 completed 657 trials on Freehand 1.75G (BAS 659 G; dimethenamid-p + pendimethalin).The data contained in this report was generated to register uses of dimethenamid-p + pendimethalin on and around environmental horticulture plants with broadcast applications, including over the top of established plants. The Freehand rates in this testing program were 2.65, 5.3 and 10.6 pounds active ingredient per acre (lb ai per A) as the 1X, 2X and 4X rates. Freehand 1.75G had been applied to 194 plant genera or species. Of these genera and species, 74 exhibited no or minimal transient injury after application at all three rates. Thirty five (35) crops exhibited little or no phytotoxicity at 2.65 lb ai per acre, but did have some injury at 5.3 and/or10.6 lb ai per acre, or showed injury after the second application. Twenty two (22) genera or species exhibited damage at the lowest rate sufficient to recommend growers not utilize Freehand 1.75G as an over-the-top treatment for pre-emergent weed control. Of the sixty two (62) crops that still need additional information, there are twelve (12) genera or species in which three or more trials do not show significant injury, but one or more additional trials shows some sort of notable injury, necessitating additional research. Additional trials are also indicated to establish species or cultivar sensitivities.

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Pendimethalin + Dimethenamid-p Data Summary