Flumioxazin Crop Safety – 2024

Research Summary Abstract

Flumioxazin has been registered in the United States since 2003 for uses in and around environmental horticulture plants in production nurseries and in landscapes. Between 2000 and 2023, the IR-4 Project has conducted 641 trials using three granular formulations (BroadStar 0.17G, BroadStar 0.25G and BroadStar 0.25G VC1604) and a wettable dry granular formulation (SureGuard 51WDG). During these trials, 168 crop species or genera were studied, although not all crops with all formulations: 149 with BroadStar formulations and 75 with SureGuard 51WDG). Sixty-seven plant species or genera exhibited no or minimal transitory phytotoxicity to applications of BroadStar G formulations. Twenty-five are not currently on the commercial BroadStar 0.25G registered label and can be added. For SureGuard 51WDG, seven plant species or genera exhibited no or minimal, transitory phytotoxicity to over-the-top applications; all these are already in the current label. Seven crops demonstrated significant phytotoxicity at all tested rates of SureGuard 51WDG with 3 or more trials. Twenty-four other crops exhibited significant injury in one or two trials. If a list of ‘Sensitive Species’ is added to the current label, these crops could be included.

Link to Summary: Flumioxazin Crop Safety Summary