Flumioxazin + Pyroxasulfone Crop Safety – 2016

Research Summary Abstract

Between 2013 and 2015, IR-4 conducted twenty-seven (27) trials evaluating V-10336 61.5 WG and V-10233 76 WG (flumioxazin + pyroxasulfone) for crop safety. The data contained in this report was generated to register the use of this active ingredient combination with directed spray applications around ornamental horticulture plants. The rates tested were either 0.35, 0.71 and 1.42 pounds active ingredient per acre (lb ai per A) or 0.29, 0.58 and 1.15 lb ai per A as the 1X, 2X and 4X rates.

V-10336 and V-10233 were applied to twenty-three (23) plant species or genera. One genus (Cornus spp.) exhibited no or minimal transient injury in 3 trials across both formulations. None of the tested species exhibited injury or growth reduction at either the 2X or 4X rate with the exception of Cercis canadensis which exhibited moderate injury at all rates and stunting at 2X. Further testing is required before a conclusion can be made confirming crop safety on these crops.

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