Sethoxydim Crop Safety – 2008

Research Summary Abstract

Segment (sethoxydim), under the trade name Vantage, was initially registered in 1990 for ornamental horticulture uses. This initial label contained an extensive list of ornamental horticulture plants in nurseries and landscapes where Segment could be used without causing phytotoxicity. In 1995, the list was expanded and a section on wildflowers was added. Starting in 1981, IR-4 examined 106 crops to either contribute to the initial label written for ornamental horticulture uses or to expand this label to additional crops. Of the researched crops, 76 have already been placed on the label. Only 4 crops can be recommended at this time for label expansion based solely on IR-4 data: Aucuba japonica, Berberis darwinii, Chamaecyparis obtusa, and Lilium sp.  It is recommended that the 26 other crops be considered for inclusion on the label if data from other sources are or become available.

Link to Summary: Sethoxydim Data Summary