PGR Herbaceous Branching – 2012

Research Summary Abstract

Three plant growth regulators, Augeo (dikegulac sodium), Configure (6-benzladenine) and Florel (ethephon), were tested to determine their potential for improving branching and quality of calibrachoa and verbena. Rates included Augeo at 400 and 800, Configure at 150 and 300 ppm and Florel at 500 and 1000 ppm. Shoot number, quality height and width were found to have a positive impact in several experiments but results were inconsistent. These benefits were offset by crop injury in the form of chlorisis and stunting. Bloom delay was found to be significant among certain varieties and may be unacceptable to growers. Applications of these three plant growth regulators have not been found to reliably replace the current practice of pinching. Further study is required in order to identify which treatments and rates will consistently improve quality for certain varieties of calibrachoa and verbena.

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