Picarbutrazox Crop Safety – 2019

Short plant with flowers containing central tufted area surrounded by single layer of petals.

Research Summary Abstract

Picarbutrazox is a novel fungicide with a new mode of action being developed by Nisso America for the control of oomycete diseases such as Bremia, Peronospora, Pseudoperonospora, Phytophthora and Pythium. The IR-4 Project completed 27 crop safety trials on 12 environmental horticulture plant species or genera during 2018. In these trials, all 12 species or genera exhibited no or minimal injury. Three species or genera (Impatiens hawkeri, Impatiens walleriana and Rosa sp.) exhibited no injury in 3 trials, and 9 species or genera exhibited no or minimal injury in the limited number of trials (one or two) for each crop. Nisso America may consider including these to a future label.

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