Afidopyropen Crop Safety – 2024

Research Summary Abstract

Ventigra  (afidopyropen) is an insecticide registered by BASF for the control of piercing and sucking insect pests such as aphids, whiteflies, psyllids, scales and leafhoppers. The IR-4 Project completed 120 crop safety trials on 46 environmental horticulture plant species or genera from 2015 through 2019. In these trials, 28 genera or species exhibited minimal or no injury after foliar applications in a minimum of 3 trials for each crop. Nineteen species or genera exhibited minimal or no injury in limited number of trials (one or two) for each crop, and two crops exhibited variable responses (Aquilegia sp. and Dahlia sp.) so further screening for cultivar or species differences is necessary.

Link to Summary: Afidopyropen Crop Safety Summary