Ametoctradin + Dimethomorph Crop Safety – 2015

Research Summary Abstract

Orvego, registered with EPA on May 21, 2012 is a combination of ametoctradin (FRAC 45) and dimethomorph (FRAC 40). In 2012, IR-4 started testing Orvego (ametoctradin + dimethomorph) for safety on several ornamental horticulture crops as part of the new fungicide and bactericide crop safety project. In 2013, BASF recommended only finishing ongoing research activities due to observations of very little injury across crops. From 2012 through 2014, the IR-4 Project completed 22 trials on 9 ornamental plant genera or species examining phytotoxicity related to primarily drench applications. No injury or grow reduction was observed for any tested crop

Link to Summary: Ametoctradin + Dimenthomorph Data