Benzovindiflupyr + Azoxystrobin Crop Safety – 2015

Research Summary Abstract

In 2013 as part of the crop safety screening for new active ingredients and recently registered fungicides, IR-4 started testing Mural WDG (benzovindiflupyr + azoxystrobin) for safety on several ornamental horticulture crops. During 2013 and 2014, the IR-4 Project completed 52 trials on 23 ornamental plant genera or species examining phytotoxicity related to foliar and/or drench applications. In these trials, no injury was observed on any species or genera. If a list of tested plants is placed on the Mural WDG label, 8 of the IR-4 screened plants can be added to the EPA label based on having 3 or more completed trials: Calibrachoa sp., Camellia sp., Dianthus sp., Helianthus sp., Heuchera sp., Lavandula sp., Monarda sp., and Osteospermum sp.

Link to Summary: Benzovindiflupyr + Azoxystrobin Data Summary