Benzovindiflupyr + Azoxystrobin Crop Safety – 2017

Research Summary Abstract

In 2013, as part of the crop safety screening for new active ingredients and recently registered fungicides, IR-4 started testing Mural WDG (benzovindiflupyr + azoxystrobin) for safety on several environmental horticulture crops. During 2013 to 2017, the IR-4 Project completed 78 trials on 27 ornamental plant genera or species examining phytotoxicity related to foliar and/or drench applications. In these trials, no injury was observed on any species or genera. If a list of tested plants is placed on the Mural WDG label, 15 of the IR-4 screened plants can be added to the EPA label based on having 3 or more completed trials: Aquilegia sp., Buddleia davidii, Buxus sp., Calibrachoa sp., Camellia sp., Dianthus sp., Helianthus sp., Heuchera sp., Juniperus sp., Lamium sp., Lavandula sp., Monarda sp., Osteospermum sp., Rhaphiolepis sp., and Scindapsus aureus.

Link to Summary: Benzovindiflupyr + Azoxystrobin Data Summary