Cyclaniliprole + Flonicamid Crop Safety – 2020

Research Summary Abstract

Pradia (cyclaniliprole + flonicamid) is a new insecticide combination recently registered for environmental horticultural crops for the control of a wide variety of insects including aphids, leafminers, scales and mealybugs, foliage feeding beetles and caterpillars, thrips, and whiteflies. In 2019, the IR-4 Project completed 16 crop safety trials on 9 ornamental plant genera or species. In these trials, 2 exhibited minimal or no injury after foliar applications. For the remaining 7 crops, sufficient information has not yet been generated. However, all tested crops are not sensitive to foliar applications up to 4X the proposed high label rate.

Link to Summary: Cyclaniliprole + Flonicamid Data Summary