Mandestrobin Crop Safety – 2021


Research Summary Abstract

Mandestrobin is a new systemic and translaminar fungicide being developed by Valent for the control of Botrytis and other foliar diseases of environmental horticulture crops. The IR-4 Project completed 37 crop safety trials on 19 environmental horticulture plant species or genera during 2015 to 2021. Four crops exhibited no or minimal injury in at least 3 trials: Antirrhinum majus, Begonia sp., Petunia sp. and Viola x wittrockiana. There are 15 species or genera where less than 3 trials were conducted so there is not enough information available at this time. All trials for each of these crops showed no or minimal, transitory phytotoxicity.

Link to Summary: Mandestrobin Crop Safety Summary