Nutsedge and Sedge Efficacy – 2023

Research Summary Abstract

Nutsedges and sedges (Cyperus sp.) are difficult to manage during the production of perennial environmental horticulture crops grown in containers or in the field. During the 2006 IR-4 Environmental Horticulture Workshop, a project was prioritized to screen for efficacious products to manage sedge and nutsedge in container or field grown environmental horticulture crops. Between 2007 and 2023, IR-4 evaluated a diverse group of products for pre- and post-emergent control of several sedges and nutsedges. During this time, IR-4 sponsored 84 research trials on 28 products or product formulations with 20 actives to manage sedges and nutsedge. Most research was conducted with pre-emergent herbicides.

The most effective options across these studies where IR-4 has at least 3 experiments include Pennant Magnum, SedgeHammer, Tower, and V-10142 for yellow nutsedge management. However, the IR-4 dataset is limited, and several products tested show promise for managing annual sedges, rice flatsedge, purple nutsedge or compressed sedge.

Link to Summary: Nutsedge and Sedge Efficacy Summary