Rust Disease Efficacy Summary – 2012

Research Summary Abstract

From 2000 to 2011, numerous products representing 30 active ingredients were tested as foliar applications against several genera and species of pathogens causing rust on ornamentals and food crops. These genera/species tested included: Cronartium ribicola, Gymnosporangium libocedri, G. clavipes, G. juniperi-virginianae, Phragmidium sp., Puccinia hemerocallidis, P. pelargonii-zonalis, P. malvacearum, P. emaculata, P. veronica-longifoliae, P. arachidis and Uromyces apendiculatus. Although there were insufficient data for definitive conclusions, new products like SP2169, Tourney (metconazole), LEM-17 (penthiopyrad) and Topguard (flutriafol) – looked promising. The products registered on ornamentals – Banner (propiconazole), Compass O (trifloxystrobin), Eagle (mycobutanil), Heritage (azoxystrobin), Insignia (pyraclostrobin), Pageant (boscalid+pyraclostrobin), Prostar (flutolanil) and Trinity (triticonazole) – generally performed well. Tank-mix combinations with mancozeb generally improved rust control.

Link to Summary: Rust Disease Efficacy Data Summary