Tolfenpyrad Efficacy & Crop Safety Summary – 2010

Research Summary Abstract

Hachi-Hachi 15EC (tolfenpyrad) was registered July 28, 2010 for the control of aphids, leafhoppers, scales, thrips, whiteflies, and early instar lepidopteran larvae on ornamental horticulture crops grown in greenhouses. An expansion of this label for outdoor uses is planned. Since 2006, IR-4 tested Hachi-Hachi for efficacy on coleopteran insects and thrips. Efficacy for beetles and borers was variable, but good to excellent efficacy was observed for thrips populations. In general crop safety did not appear to be an issue in the efficacy testing with the exception of gladiolus and impatiens. Preliminary results for crop safety screening, however, indicate additional testing is warranted to clarify which crop species may be sensitive. With the limited results so far, impatiens is definitely sensitive to Hachi-Hachi applications

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