Algal Leaf Spot Efficacy Summary – 2019

Leaf with spots caused by algae
Photo: Dr. Fulya Baysal-Gurel

Research Summary Abstract

At the IR-4 Environmental Horticulture Program Workshop in 2015, Algal Leaf Spot Efficacy was selected as a regional special project for the Southern Region to determine the efficacy of several fungicides for this disease. Eleven products representing 10 active ingredients were tested as foliar applications against Cephaleuros virescens causing algal leaf spot on southern magnolia. Two of the products tested were copper fungicides recommended for management of algal leaf spot. Although there were insufficient IR-4 data for definitive conclusions, two relatively new products that are included in this research project, KleenGrow and Mural, provided efficacy comparable to COC DF, the top performing copper fungicide in the trials.

Link to Summary: Algal Leaf Spot Efficacy