Botrytis Efficacy Summary – 2023

Research Summary Abstract

At the IR-4 Environmental Horticulture Program Workshop in 2011, Botrytis Efficacy was selected as a high priority project to expand the knowledge and list of fungicides available to growers for these diseases. In addition to research collected through the IR-4 Program, this summary includes a review of experiments conducted from 1998 to 2022 on environmental horticulture crops. During this time period, numerous products representing 56 active ingredients were tested as foliar applications against several Botrytis species causing blight and gray mold on multiple environmental horticulture crops. Most products are now registered and commercially used. Almost all trials were conducted on Botrytis cinerea; however, other species tested were B. elliptica, and B. tulipae. For B. cinerea, across all crops and rates screened, Affirm, Picatina Flora, Astun, Spirato/Medallion, Mural, Tourney, Pageant Intrinsic, Decree, and Postiva provided good to excellent efficacy routinely as did two not-yet-registered tools for Botrytis management: XDE-659 and Trinity. Orkestra Intrinsic, PreStop, S2200, Broadform, and Regalia generally provided good reduction in disease; however, some variability was seen among experiments. S2200 also was variable in performance but could be registered and be part of an overall management program. For Botrytis elliptica, fewer experiments have been conducted. The best performing tools with at least 3 trials are Orchestra Intrinsic, Mural, and S2200. ZeroTol, and the copper products (Badge X2, Camelot, Phyton 27, STBX-304) generally performed poorly under the conditions of these experiments.

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