Food Crop Success Stories & Other New Website Features

You may have noticed some changes recently to the IR-4 website. We’re adding new elements including new types of posts to showcase impacts for food program activities and improving the location of content and menu items.

screen shot of the original home page
Former IR-4 Home Page
screen shot of the updated home page
New IR-4 Home Page

Updated Home Page with our Mission and Recent News
To make our news items more visible, we updated the home page so that new posts are prominently displayed in the right top corner. And the IR-4 mission statement is now displayed with a specialty crop background on the top left.

Food Crop Success Stories, Tolerances & News
Although our Food Program has a long history of successes, these efforts and their impact for specialty crop growers have not been shared on our website. Three freelance writers (Katie Chriest, Dave Kuack, Robin Sitkberg) are translating the addition of new food uses to crop protection tool labels into Success Stories. Each Success Story will highlight the disease, pest or weed hindering crop production, IR-4 activities to develop efficacy, crop safety and/or residue data, and the impact the registered use will have for growers.

screen short of food crop success stories page
New! Success Stories highlighting impactful registrations for edible specialty crops!

Landing Pages for the Annual Food Crop Workshop
Like the Environmental Horticulture Program, the Food Program now has its own landing page for the annual priority setting workshops. This page will house the links for individual events along with the priority outcomes for residue, performance, and integrated solutions research.

Look for more website upgrades in the coming months!

Author: Cristi L Palmer